How Does Steaker Work?

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    Diversify your Strategies

    We integrate nearly 100 crypto trading strategies, including: stablecoin lending, DeFi arbitrage, quantitative trading, grid trading, liquidity mining, yield farming, and more.

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    Allocate Assets Optimally

    Our risk-management system helps you allocate the most profitable digital assets through multiple strategies. Our goals are simple: Reduce risk and maximize returns through compounding interest.

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    Auto Signal Monitoring

    We have developed AI robots with over 10 built-in mainstream market indices to automatically capture market signals and quickly recognize the most current arbitrage opportunities.

Our Products

    The APY is the average rate calculated based on the performance for the last 3 months, and the incentive fee has been deducted. The actual APY according to the contract period or number of periods.
    Ease to Use

    Our platform is both beginner-friendly and a tool for advanced trading, where anyone can allocated assets in only three minutes.


    Each platform strategy earns hourly interest according to real-world data. Check your assets' performance at any time and stay on top of your asset growth.


    Get there first and lock in quick profits by acting on our frequent real-time notifications giving you the latest on market trends, analysis, and insights.

    Our Clients’ Performance


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