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Our Portfolios (Discontinued)

    How Does Steaker Make Profits?

    • Diversify Strategies Smartly

      We integrate nearly 100 crypto trading strategies, including stablecoin lending, DeFi arbitrage, quantitative trading, grid trading, liquidity mining, and more.

    • Allocate Assets Optimally

      Our risk-management system helps allocate your digital assets using diverse strategies. Our goals are simple: reduce the risks involved and maximize your incomes via compound interest.

    • Monitor Signals Automatically

      We develop AI robots with over 10 built-in mainstream market indices to automatically capture signals and quickly recognize the most current arbitrage opportunities in 400+ markets.

    Steaker Wallet

    Boost and accelerate your asset growth

    An all-in-one crypto wallet that enables deposit & withdrawal at your convenience! Use this wallet well to make the best of your funds

    • Record APY up to 3.5%. Interest to be awarded daily
    • Any intra-platform transfers will be free of charge
    • A multi-currency platform that supports USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI, ETH, and BTC

    The Steaker Edge

    • Simple

      We design this best-in-class tool that paves the way for all beginners keen to earn from cryptos. Experience allocating your digital assets smart in three minutes!
    • Transparent

      We renew the interest rates of our portfolios non-stop on an hourly basis so that you are able to check your asset performance at your convenience and stay on top of your asset growth at any time.
    • Instant

      We have push notifications pop up regularly to ensure that you are well informed about the market trend as well as the performance of your crypto portfolios in real time.
    • 60M+
      Client Assets
    • 2B+
      Trading Volume
    • 212%
      Highest APY
    • 38%
      Average APY



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