Steaker’s ingenuity for Our 3-Year Jubilee: The Remaking of Our Brand’s Visual Identity

9月 19, 2022

2022 is certainly a year of crossroads for Steaker. Just as the team was in a festive mood for our 3rd anniversary, we decided to redefine the core values of Steaker and imbue our brand with a fresher corporate image and identity. Grounded on the redefinition, the design guidelines of our marketing materials have been further extended and adjusted to show you that Steaker does age like fine wine!

Those of you with acute eyesight must have been aware that the visual effects of the campaign this time are not quite the same as before. But what exactly are the differences and nuances from a design perspective? Let us now delve deeper into what the core values of Steaker truly are.

With the genuine intention to Make Crypto Investment Easy for all, we have developed 3 pivotal values that best identify the role we play in the crypto space – reliable, accessible, and dynamic. And for the past 3 years, Steaker has been committed to helping users tap effortlessly into our platform and manage wealth with ease by putting these qualities into practice.


In the darkest days of the crypto market from 2021 to 2022, during which the traders worldwide were all experiencing the vicissitudes of crypto space and the bull-bear market sectors’ rotation, Steaker acted as a patron dedicated to guarding your assets. For many, our presence suggests stability and reliability.

Steaker is keen to help users grow assets steadily and minimize the risks involved through employing the best-in-class investment strategies, monitoring market conditions, and optimizing our portfolios. Plus, we’ve launched performance weeklies and market biweeklies for our large crypto readership so that you will be able to stay on top of your funds’ situations efficiently and fully entrust us with your digital assets.


We don’t have complex UI designs. Nor do we have highly speculative product attributes or high investment thresholds. What we have are newbie-friendly products that are directly accessible to all crypto “noobs.” Steaker is determined to usher these users into the crypto space by streamlining our UIs for better UX and offering step-by-step tutorials.

Furthermore, we have well-trained and amiable customer service specialists ready, coupled with a channel of LINE group/multi-person chat, to help you with any conundrums you may encounter along the way and tackle them in real time. While enjoying the full accessibility of our service, you will also be equipped with the fundamental, practical know-how about crypto investment.


The entrepreneurial scope of our brand’s founder spans a multitude of fields including CeFi, DeFi, NFT, and GameFi, and that’s the reason why Steaker has always been conscious of the dynamics of every major sector’s change in the market so as to keep abreast of the latest trends, developments, and any potential profit opportunities therein.

In addition, our team capitalizes on an exclusive AI robot to detect signals and assess risks with the utmost caution. On the broad principles of remaining firm and standing tall, Steaker seeks innovations and changes and pursues improvements and breakthroughs.

In response to the aforementioned features and to reshape the brand’s identity, our creative team has designed a more consistent and comprehensive visual style by readjusting the colors, fonts, typography, and marketing materials.

Create a brand palette: First off, to accentuate and strengthen Steaker Red – the leading color of our brand – we have not only increased the area for the application of the color but also cashed in on the dark red and light gray stemming from the variant red and black of our logo as auxiliaries to add layers of colors and textures to our brand. With this smart and well-thought-out combination of colors, it presents a sense of low-profile yet exceptionally powerful visual harmony.
Get the fonts tuned: Considering the clarity, visual comfort, and legibility, we choose “Noto Sans JP” as our typeface for Mandarin and “Helvetica Neue” for English to best market our brand. And much to our delight, they work wonders! Both fonts feature neat, uncluttered strokes and include no overly fancy decoration. With one’s qualities complementary to that of the other, the duo are certainly making the text more digestible and inviting.
Standardize typography & illustration style: We build up a cleaner, more organized web/app page layout with a grid system, leaving sufficient blank space where appropriate. Regarding the illustration solution, we resort to Wannathis 3D illustrations for our design projects. Under the basic principle of retaining a clear visual focus, we aim to achieve a stereoscopic and more imposing effect by adapting the size, edge, and angle of the illustrations for the best.

Finishing Touch

There we are, beautiful fellows! As a corporate memento for this 3-Year Jubilee of ours, this is Steaker’s first article to share with you the decision-making process in relation to brand marketing and creativity. We hope you enjoy the ingenuity and this little piece of writing. Also, we look forward to bringing novel experiences to you through this rebranding to make Steaker’s brand visuals even more impressive!