Rules of Auto-Invest Lottery Draws

Aug 30, 2022

Regarding the Auto-Invest Lottery Draw to take place on 2022/10/06 16:00~2022/10/14 23:59(Due to some internal operational changes, the Auto-Invest Plan will be launched on 2022/10/06 instead.), Steaker reserves the right to make last-minute amendments, adjustments, explanations and cancellations. Any relevant changes made will be announced on the website forthwith without prior notice. Event specifications are as follows.

1. By engaging in this event, users will be deemed to have agreed to accept all methods & specifications of this event; those acting in violation of the activity rules will be disqualified from joining the Lottery Draw.

2. Winners should contact Steaker’s Customer Support on their own initiative via their registered emails of Steaker within 1 week following the winner announcement (before 2022/10/28 23:59) and provide the information such as the serial number of the winning lottery ticket as requested. Overdue emails or info provisions will be regarded as a waiver of eligibility, and Steaker will not give further notice.

3. The delivery of prizes is subject to Steaker’s business hours. If the prizes are not claimed, or the receipt details are wrong, the quota on prizes will not be refilled.

4. Steaker’s on-demand physical prizes delivery area only consists of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu regions of the Republic of China. Overseas regions are out of the scope of our delivery service. If the winner lives overseas, please send a private message to Steaker’s Customer Support to inquire about alternatives.

5. Winners of the physical prizes obtained in this event cannot request to convert the prizes into other items or exchange them for cash.

6. Winners must abide by the relevant terms and conditions laid down by the suppliers of the prizes and agree that Steaker shall not be held accountable for the consequences of claiming or using the prizes, including but not limited to the subsequent warranty responsibility for the prize itself.

7. The jackpot iPhone 14 Pro will be based on the actual specifications officially released by Apple Inc.; the memory capacity and color will be provided randomly.