Oh My PLG! Steaker and P. LEAGUE+ Join Hands to Bolster Professional Basketball in Taiwan - Exclusive Offers Coming Soon

10月 19, 2022

Steaker joins hands with P. LEAGUE+ (PLG) to form an alliance this year! Please find more details about the first round of exclusive offers at the end of this article.

Steaker is thrilled to announce that as of 2022/10/14, we’ve had the honor of being the official chief sponsor and partner of PLG, a Taiwanese men's professional basketball league founded in 2020, working together with them in the 2022-23 season to support the development of basketball in Taiwan and exert a positive influence on the younger generation.

Both P. LEAGUE+ and Steaker have actually quite a lot in common. We are both celebrating our 3rd-year anniversary this year, and are likewise in a start-up stage, committed to expanding the boundaries of our own field of expertise both locally and internationally. While taking on the challenges in our respective professional fields, we also see a lot of possibilities that can be created based on this partnership.

Steaker has officially gone into partnership with P. LEAGUE+. (Image by PLG)

“According to a recent internal survey, we have discovered that a significant proportion of the group who invest in cryptocurrencies and that of those who love sports and e-sports events overlap,” said Wilson, the founder of Steaker. In that regard, we hope to capitalize on the influence of P. LEAGUE+ to let the general public know Steaker, enabling the cross-sectoral exchange between the users and consumers of both sides and creating a win-win.

The founder of Steaker, Wilson, expressed his ideas to cooperate in the kick-off press conference of PLG. (Image by PLG)

During the kick-off press conference, Blackie Chen, the CEO of P. LEAGUE+, said “the League is after all a start-up, and when it comes to experiencing new things, our team always remains open-minded.” He further added, “Above all, the emerging industry of cryptocurrency is exactly a trend in the future. I’m also looking forward to the alliance with Steaker in the new season to raise awareness of digital assets among the youth.”

Steaker founder Wilson with P. LEAGUE+ CEO Blackie, players, and other sponsors. (Image by PLG)

At the beginning of this wonderful season, those who use the referral code “OhMyPLG” to sign up for Steaker and complete the KYC process will be able to get some portfolio offers along with 5 USDT as a gift for newbies. This offer is limited to 1,000 while stocks last.

For the forthcoming year, more PLG-exclusive portfolios will be rolled out, along with special offers and lotteries regarding PLG. This is certainly a grand event that is exciting for Steaker users and P. LEAGUE+ fans alike. Oh my PLG! Oh my Steaker!


● Steaker reserves the right to revise, adjust, explain, and cancel the event. Any relevant changes made will be announced on our official website without prior notice
● This activity is limited to new users. Rewards will NOT be distributed to old users who repeatedly sign up for Steaker. On top of that, the original accounts of the old users will be frozen as a consequence
● The 5 USDT gift for Steaker registration will be settled on the last business day of each month and will be automatically distributed to the Steaker account on the 10th of the following month, of which the recipient will be informed by email notification. If it’s a national holiday, the settlement and distribution work will be postponed to the next week
● Should you have any other queries, please contact our Customer Support via our official website during office hours (10:00 - 18:00 Mon. to Fri.)