HODL & BUIDL Happy 3rd Anniversary! 20,000U Division, BTC/ETH Lottery Draws, iPhone 14 Pro, Interest-Hike Coupons, You Name It!

8月 30, 2022

Born amidst bearish sentiments in the 1st year and taking off on a bullish note during its second year, Steaker is celebrating its 3rd anniversary and well prepared for more changes and challenges to come.

There is evidence of stocks and crypto market downturn for the time being. That said, we still remain confident that this timing of taking a retrospective look at what we’ve accomplished, collecting our thoughts, and doubling up our efforts is impeccable.

In response to your absolute trust and support, we will continue to HODL & BUIDL with you for the upcoming year. As of 2022/09/01, Steaker is going to initiate a succession of campaigns to celebrate this 3rd birthday of ours.

During this festive month, we’ve scheduled 4 major events that will surely attract your interest – ➊ 20,000 USDT division with subscription over 500 USDⓢ, ➋ lottery draws for mainstream cryptos, ➌ grand prizes such as iPhone 14 Pro, Apple TV & NFT for brand new portfolio Auto-Invest, and ➍ Interest-Hike Coupons given out every week. View below for more details.

The Auto-Invest Plan was initially scheduled to be launched on 2022/09/22, but due to some internal operational changes, the Plan will be rolled out on 2022/10/06 instead. The date for the lottery draw of Auto-Invest will be adjusted to 2022/10/06 - 2022/10/14. (The dates in the image are the original schedule. Please refer to the announcement on our official website for the actual dates)

Subscribe up to/over 500 USDⓢ to Divvy up 20,000 USDT

Make a portfolio subscription or renewal with up to 500 USDⓢ and 20,000 USDT will be divided up to you proportionately. The prize reaches the highest total of around NT$600,000; the more you invest, the more you reap!

● Event: 2022/09/01 00:00 - 2022/09/30 23:59
● Prize distribution: By 2022/10/11 18:00; there’ll be a notification email after distribution
● Note: Event inapplicable to Fixed-Rate (7 Days), Wallet Deposit, Swap, and Auto-Invest Plan

1st Round of BTC/ETH Portfolios Plus Draws of BTC/ETH Equivalent to 50U

The eagerly anticipated BTC/ETH standard portfolios have arrived at last! Every single subscription up to 0.015 BTC/0.2 ETH will be followed by 1 lottery draw ticket. 60 lucky winners will be chosen and earn BTC or ETH (depending on the portfolio to which you subscribe) equivalent to 50 USDT.

● Event: 2022/09/01 00:00 - 2022/09/05 23:59
● Prize distribution: By 2022/10/11 18:00; there’ll be a notification email after distribution
● Note: Electronic raffle tickets will be sent to you before 2022/10/06 23:59, and the winners will be notified the next day by email. Different portfolio subscription amounts CANNOT be calculated cumulatively.

Auto-Invest Plan Launched: Invest up to 1,000 USDⓢ to Draw iPhone 14 Pro & More

Apart from the BTC/ETH Portfolios, another long-awaited plan is now available for all keen users – Auto-Invest! This time, Steaker will give out incredibly sought-after prizes including iPhone 14 Pro, multiple Apple products, the world’s first NFT cold wallet SecuX Nifty, the popular 10K NFT project GalaXY Kats NFT, and the exquisite Steaker gift bags with numerous fine merch of our brand inside. Investment up to 1,000 USDⓢ then you will get a raffle ticket. 10 lucky winners will be chosen in the long run!

● Event: 2022/10/06 16:00 - 2022/10/14 23:59(Due to some internal operational changes, the Auto-Invest Plan will be launched on 2022/10/06 instead.)
● Prize: iPhone 14 Pro*1, AirPods 3rd Generation*1, Apple TV 4K 32GB*1, SecuX’s hardware wallet Nifty*1, GalaXY Kats NFT*1, and Steaker brand gift bags*5
● Note: Electronic raffle tickets will be sent to you before 2022/10/20 23:59 via email, and the full list of winners will be announced on Steaker’s official website the next day without notice on an individual basis. Please refer to the 4th item of “Note” at the end of this text. The winner of GalaXY Kats NFT is required to provide an NFT wallet address that supports ERC20 or will be disqualified.

Interest-Hike Coupons Given Out Every Week, 9.98% APY Only for Wagyu VIP

Thanks to the widespread praise for Interest-Hike Coupons of our Fixed-Rate, more coupons are to come along every week. These much desired coupons are available to all users, yet note that they’re also limited and the interest hike ranges from 2% to 4%, which is tantamount to the offers of A2 Wagyu VIP!

In addition, the 5% Interest-Hike Coupons will be given out especially to Wagyu VIP members in relation to the upcoming limited portfolios this month – USDⓢ 9.5%-1 Year & USDⓢ 8%-3 Months. Subscribers will be entitled to 9.98% APY at most, a rate that most investors pine for!

All Users
● Portfolio: Applicable to Standard Fixed-Rate (7 Days, 1 Month, 3 Months)
● Valid through: 2022/09/01 12:00 - 2022/09/30 23:59
● Coupon set: 20 sets for each contract period; 300 sets for the whole month
● Notification: Coupon codes will be announced every week. Stay tuned to our Facebook Page, LINE Community, as well as Steaker App Notifications

Wagyu VIP Only
● Applicable to USDⓢ 9.5%-1 Year & USDⓢ 8%-3 Months
● Valid through: The subscription period of the above two portfolios
● Coupon set: 70 sets in total
● Notification: Will be automatically emailed to every VIP’s inbox on the first day of portfolio subscription along with the relevant announcements


  • The celebration of Steaker’s 3rd Anniversary spans 1 month, from 2022/09/01 00:00 to 2022/09/30 23:59, and the term of celebration should be according to the identifier UTC+08:00. Steaker reserves the right to revise, adjust, explain and cancel the event. Any relevant changes will be announced on our official website without prior notice.
  • The division of 20,000 USDT applies to the subscription of Fixed-Rate (1 Month & 3 Months), Variable-Rate, Super Saving, BTC/ETH Portfolios, and USDⓢ 8%-3 Months & USDⓢ 9.5%-1 Year. Note that Wallet Deposit, Fixed-Rate (7 Days) & Auto-Invest DO NOT count.
  • Those who subscribe to our BTC/ETH Portfolios will be able to take part in the 20,000 USDT division & the lottery draw of 50U-equivalent BTC or ETH. Exchange rates will comply with the exchange standards of BTC/USDT & ETH/USDT at CoinGecko on 9/1 08:00.
  • Those who wish to participate in the Auto-Invest Lottery Draw are required to make sure that their Wallet balance of the selected token must be greater than or equal to the total amount of the investment for Auto-Invest to qualify (Notice that you will be disqualified if you withdraw the selected token for Auto-Invest from Steaker Wallet or Swap it for other tokens during this event). For more details, please refer to our rules and regulations carefully.
  • For Fixed-Rate Portfolios, each set of Interest-Hike Coupons can be applied to the subscription of the 7-Day term, 1-Month term, and 3-Month term. That is, each one of the coupons can be used three times at most (for subscribing to the three portfolios at once).  Please note that Coupon, Renewal Offer, and VIP Offer can not be combined; only one of them will be chosen for the best discount result.
  • To shun the dispute over exchange rates upon settlement, USDⓢ, ETH, and BTC portfolios can ONLY be renewed to portfolios of the same token type.
  • If you still have any queries, welcome to reach our Customer Support via our official website or email during office hours (10:00~18:00, Mon.-Fri.)