Special shout out for NEW Wagyu VIP Program: More benefits and discounts!

5月 14, 2021

Steaker has upgraded the Wagyu VIP Program to thank members for their continuing support. There are different percentages of Interest Rate Increases or Incentive Fee Reductions for most projects. Enjoy!

  1. Membership benefits are given based on the membership level during the project subscription. The benefits will remain even if the membership level changes later.
  2. Special projects refer to limited project offers (except High Rate project), including but not limited to DeFi Special project, DeFi farming project, Cream Farming project, Pure Quant project, TWDFI project…etc.
  3. The Fixed- Rate project (3-month period) will have no interest rate increases.
  4. Project discounts will be calculated during redemption. You may check the Estimated Rewards in Performance.

Discount Formula

  1. Incentive fee reductions = Incentive fee x reduction%
  2. Interest rate increases = Interest x interest%

Raise your membership to get more benefits!

Check out the Wagyu VIP Program for more details.