Introducing the ‘automatic renewal’ feature

3月 25, 2021

Steaker releases the ‘automatic renewal’ feature today. Read below to find out what’s new and who may benefit from the latest updates!

Set up ‘automatic renewal’ while subscribing to projects

This is tailored for those who prefer projects with short contract periods. For example, the subscribers of the upgraded Fixed-Rate (7 days). Simply select the ‘automatic renewal’ option while subscribing, and the system will automatically renew the same project with the settlement amount upon maturity.

The ‘automatic renewal’ icon will appear at the ‘performance’ page after finishing set up.

Cancel ‘automatic renewal’ at any time before maturity

We understand that people often hesitate when making investment decisions, so don’t worry if you change your mind. You have one chance to adjust the setting for every single project at any time before maturity. After completing the email verification, the ‘automatic renewal’ setting will be canceled right away!