Fiat Currency to Crypto

Aug 31, 2021by Steaker

You have to prepare with USD stablecoins before you start to earn on crypto. There are several ways to get them. You can trade cryptocurrencies through any exchanges, or simply choose a platform in “Wallet” and buy them.

ZOMFAST (Taiwan region limited)

1. Click “Fiat Currency to Crypto” in “Wallet”.

2. Add ZOMFAST through QR code shown on the website, or directly open Line app on mobile phone.

3. Buy crypto according to ZOMFAST transaction flow.

4. Check your Steaker wallet for the deposit.

MaiCoin (Taiwan region limited)

1. Click “Fiat Currency to Crypto” in “Wallet”.

2. Register through Steaker referral link to get a bonus 0.05% fee reduction for each trade.

3. Buy crypto. Pay through bank transfer or convenience stores.

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