A Walkthrough of Asset Allocation in August: 69% Interest-Hike Coupon, New 9% Fixed-Rate & BTC/ETH Standard Portfolios

8月 4, 2022

As record-high inflation is expected to moderate, Wall Street is convinced that the US Fed Reserve may pivot to a slower pace of tightening according to Bloomberg, giving rise to the hike in interest rates in September being fairly unlikely. Excitingly enough, this slowing pace of hikes helps lift both investors' mood and the stocks, and the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization–BTC–has also sprinted back above $23,000

Steaker has thus decided to launch 3 major bullish plans to celebrate this rosy outlook on crypto markets – ➊ 69% Interest-Hike Coupons, ➋ Limited Fixed-Rate Portfolios (9% - 1 Year & 8% - 3 Months), and the whole new ➌ BTC/ETH Standard Portfolios, helping flexibly allocate and steadily accumulate your wealth. Just as the saying goes, there’s always a silver lining when things look black.

Let’s have a sneak peek at this thrilling series of events in August then!

● 8/4 Release of more Interest-Hike Coupons! Enjoy 8.8% APY with Fixed-Rate (7 Days)

Here’s another great rate boost to Steaker’s Interest-Hike Coupons! As of today until 8/17, those who subscribe to Fixed-Rate (7 Days) and enter the designated code into the “Coupon” box will be entitled to 69% hike in interest, which is tantamount to earning 8.8% APY!

8/4 – 8/10 Happy Father’s Day! Take prompt action to use coupons and earn your 8.8% APY

  • Coupon code: fixedrate0804; 69% interest hike; 100 sets altogether
  • Valid through: 2022/8/4 12:00 – 2022/8/10 23:59 (UTC+8)

8/11 – 8/17 Coupon sets doubled! Seize the chance of this 2nd round of offer for Fixed-Rate (7 Days) renewal or re-subscription

  • Coupon code: fixedrate0811; 69% interest hike; 200 sets altogether
  • Valid through: 2022/8/11 12:00 – 2022/8/17 12:00 (UTC+8)

Each set of codes is limited to ONE use per user, and each user is allowed to apply TWO sets of codes during this campaign, with the single purchase limited to 100,000 USDⓢ. Please note that ONLY ONE out of the three offer types (i.e. coupons, renewal offers, and VIP offers) will be applied for the best.

8/17 Your brand new choice of USDⓢ Fixed-Rate! 9% - 1 Year & 8% - 3 Months available for subscription

Fixed-Rate or portfolios of the sort seem to become a must-have in bear markets, and Steaker is here to offer more diverse options! To cater to the needs of the two salient user groups – investors who tend to place their funds in the portfolio for a longer period of time and prefer long-term, steady yields vs. investors who favor shorter contract periods and wish to ensure higher flexibility in their funds, we present USDⓢ 9% - 1 Year & USDⓢ 8% - 3 Months. Further details in respect of these two portfolios will be announced on our official website on August 17.

In late August, BTC/ETH Standard Portfolios will be rolled out!

One of the most sought-after portfolios – BTC/ETH Standard – is fast approaching. Designed in accordance with Fixed-Rate to generate steady income, these two portfolios are perfectly suitable for both BTC and ETH evangelists, and their details are expected to come out at the end of this month. For those who plan to allocate their funds in our portfolios long-term, it’s time to wire BTC/ETH into Steaker Wallet!

Steaker reserves the right to make changes and interpret the events. Any changes made will be announced on our official website without prior notice. If you have any queries, welcome to reach our Customer Support via the website during office hours (10:00–18:00) on weekdays.