Limited 40% Interest-Hike Coupons Now Available: Added Bonus for the Fixed-Rate

Jul 13, 2022

Crypto platforms and hedge funds (pooled investment funds that trade in relatively liquid assets) at the center of the credit crisis are facing the risk of default, which serves as a wake-up call for investors about their highly leveraged bets.

20% & 40% Interest-Hike Coupons by Steaker, in response to the ongoing bear market, are now available to users as an added bonus, determined to resist the looming macroeconomic recession and help find your niche against this gloomy background.

As of today until 2022/07/22 23:59 (UTC+8), those who subscribe to our Fixed-Rate Portfolio with the contract period of 3 months will be entitled to the designated % of interest hike on entering the designated coupon code in the “Coupon” box, with the highest APY up to 8.12%!

Each user is limited to one single-use code, and there will only be 1000 sets available! The early bird catches the worm, so if you wish to get one, get it quick! The details of the bonus are as follows.

Bonus details

1st Round: Early subscription, happy summer

All you need to do is rest easy amidst this bearish sentiment and put your time and effort into something more valuable. Entrust your assets to Steaker for just 3 months and they’ll grow steadily without fear of market volatility!

・ Code:
  40% interest hike by entering “fixrate40”, 30 sets in total. (Closed)
  20% interest hike by entering “fixrate20”, 470 sets in total.
・Valid through:
  2022/7/13 12:00 - 2022/7/17 23:59 (UTC+8)

2nd Round: Renew your portfolio, earn more cryptos

As the adventurous GameFi HODL is nearing maturity, those who choose to renew their old portfolios and continue subscribing to the 3-month Fixed-Rate, upon entering the interest-hike coupon code, will then enjoy the bonus superior to the original renewal offer (1% interest hike). This offer is not limited to users that renew their portfolios; it’s applicable to all users.

・ Code:
   40% interest hike by entering “bonus40”, 50 sets in total.  (Closed)
   20% interest hike by entering “bonus20”, 450 sets in total.
・ Valid through:
   2022/7/18 12:00 - 2022/7/22 23:59 (UTC+8)


・Each user is limited to 100,000 USDⓢ for a single purchase and to one single-use code.
・Only one of the offers (➀ coupon ➁ renewal offer ➂ VIP special offer) will be selected for the best. If the interest-hike coupon is applied, the rest of the offers will NOT count.
・Steaker reserves the right of final decisions to interpret this event. Any changes made will be announced on the official website without further notice. Should you have any queries, please contact our Customer Support sector from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays.