Steaker turned one. Then? Start with the 5th USDⓢ High Rate.

10月 23, 2020

Steaker is stepping toward the second year. You probably want to know what our next move is? Take it easy. Let’s start by recapping what Steaker has done lately.

Be Part of the Asia Startup Community

Early this year, we were honored to be invited to join the 20th Accelerator Program initiated by AppWorks, the well-known start-up accelerator in Asia. Last week, our founder Wilson took the lead to present our outcome and pitched in front of 400 investors on AppWorks Demo Day in Taipei, Taiwan.

First Steaker Night—Young Professional On-chain

We always appreciate our users, who support us nonstop and make who we are today. In early October, we held a very first Steaker Night to express our gratitude; it is an event designed for Wagyu members. We wrapped our achievements and introduced the roadmap of Steaker’s future.

In the Future…

First, we want to strengthen our Wagyu program, let our users enjoy more diverse services. Next, to educate more people about the knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain is essential. Last but not least, the rise of DeFi lets us see more room for development. DeFi frenzy trend until summer developed at an extremely fast speed.

Although the recent growth trend seems to be slowing down, according to DeFi Pulse data, the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi projects reached 11.2 billion US dollars in October, indicating that momentum still exists in the DeFi market.

We will be more focused on integrating more latest and potential DeFi strategies in the future.

USDⓢ High Rate is Back!

One of our most popular plan—USDⓢ High Rate project, initially with an estimated APR 36%, surprisingly marked higher than APR 37% in the first and second edition. The third edition, which has already scored an estimated APR 37%, may follow the trend and also expected to exceed the original estimated APR at the end of the year.

Therefore, under users’ ardent expectations, the 5th USDⓢ High Rate project is available for application since today.

【 About 5th USDⓢ High Rate Project 】

Application Period: 2020.10.23 3:00 PM~ 2020.11.02 11:59 PM(UTC+8)

Application Eligibility: Wagyu A2

Maximum Apply Amount: None

Supported Currency: USDⓢ

Minimum Investment Amount: 10,000 USDⓢ

Contract Period: 6 months

Project Start Time: 2020.11.03 3:00 PM(UTC+8)

Penalty Amount: -10% of the original investment amount

Stop-loss Mechanism: -15% of the original investment amount

Incentive Fee: 30% of the profits

Redemption Fee: None*

*We will adjust the redemption fee policy since 3 PM (UTC+8) on 2020/11/03; applying any project on Steaker will be charged with a redemption fee. Application of the 5th USDⓢ High Rate will be the last opportunity to waive the redemption fee. More details about the redemption fee will be announced soon.