Steaker Tutorial: How to Renew and Redeem

Mar 12, 2021

Part 1—Renew

You will receive a notification a day before your portfolio expires. As of then you can click the “Renew” button on the portfolio options of “My Portfolio” on the “Assets” page. Renewals of portfolios will help exempt you from redemption fees. Don’t worry if you miss out on the notification. You can still choose to renew or redeem your portfolios even if they have expired.

Click “Renew,” and the system will automatically display a list of portfolios that you can afford to extend with the current settlement amount (principal + interest). Best offers will be listed on each portfolio option 1. upon renewals 2. for the referral code you filled in as you signed up 3. by virtue of your VIP membership.

Offers available for renewal are as follows.

Continue to the next page. The settlement amount as a whole will be applied to renew the portfolios given, hence indivisible. If you wish to reallocate your assets, please redeem the portfolios that you hold and subscribe to the new ones.

If you have coupons, the system will determine the best offers available to you after coupons are used.

You can turn on/off the automatic renewal switch by selecting the checkboxes.

Confirm the details on the following page, and click “Next” to send an email notification. (Below is an example where a coupon is not used and the VIP offer is automatically applied.)

Please check your email and hit “Confirm” within 30 minues.

Go back to Steaker’s official website to re-confirm the information. Hit "Confirm" to complete the whole renewal process. The portfolio renewed will start being active within 1 working day (excluding holidays). If it’s a limited portfolio being renewed, it will be active according to “Start Time” of this portfolio. Note that no interest will be accrued before this portfolio turns effective.

Part 2—Redeem

Go to the “Performance” page of the mature portfolio and click “Redeem”.

If you click “Redeem” before the portfolio matures, a pop-up will remind you of your default on the contract, and the likely penalty fees that ensue will be calculated as per Steaker’s Online Purchase Agreement”.

On the “Redemption Submission” page, details about the portfolio settlement will be listed, including your principal, accumulated interest, redemption fees, redemption fees offer, rewards, and penalty fees. For users who would like to make an early redemption, you may also check the penalty fees incurred. Redemption work won’t be completed before your confirmation.

After you confirm all the redemption details are correct, you will have to go about email verification. Those who fail to check the email and complete the verification/confirmation process will be required to re-submit the request by reason of asset security.

Open the email and do as per instructions; it will lead you back to Steaker’s official page “Reconfirm your request”. Please double-check carefully the details thereof and then click “Confirm”. The settlement amount will be wired into your Steaker Wallet within one working day (excluding holidays).