Steaker Tutorial: How to Earn on Crypto

4月 15, 2021

Step 1:Tap on Earn on Crypto

First, you have to sign up for Steaker before starting to earn on crypto. Steaker provides diverse selections to fit different risk tolerance level investors.

A. Conservative investors: Fixed-Rate

If you prefer a stable interest instead of seeing any loss, we recommend you to choose [Fixed-Rate]. The strategy of [Fixed-Rate] is lending crypto to someone else to earn interest, and Steaker will take the risk of market volatility for you. With longer deposit terms, the higher interest rates you will get. The only thing you need to do is check the stable growth of crypto assets after the plan started.

B. Moderate investors: Variable-Rate, Yield Farming

If you prefer a stable rise of crypto assets but also willing to take some risk to earn higher APY, you can consider [Variable-Rate] and [Yield Farming]. We add some low-risk strategies to [Variable-Rate] and only cooperate with audited projects in [Yield Farming]. With the safety stop-loss mechanism, your crypto assets can grow steadily. Generally speaking, with a slight increase in risk, you can get a higher APY.

C. Adventurous Investors: High Rate, Pure Quant, TWDFI, Green Chia

In addition to low-risk stable coin lending and arbitrage trading, [High Rate] also incorporates a high-risk quantitative trading strategy. While maintaining steady crypto assets growth, it challenges a higher rate of return. This is an option applicable to both bull and bear markets. Due to the addition of high-risk strategies, the overall risk tolerance level has also risen.

If you are looking for high returns and are willing to take extremely high risks for it, check out [Pure Quant], [TWDFI], and [Green Chia]. These plans are accompanied by high volatility, you may lose over 15% of initial funds. We have set different stop-loss points for each plan and will handle them with care. If you can’t endure any loss, please select the lower-risk plans above.

Step 2:Decide the Amount

After picking a plan, tap “Earn Now” to enter the next page. You can customize any amount above the min investment on this page.

Make sure you have read and agreed to “Steaker Online Purchase Project Terms of Agreement” before you mark it. If you want to avoid the tedious renewal steps, some plans have automatic renewal function. Mark it to set up automatic renewal. Also, don’t forget to fill in the promotion code if you have one.

Step 3:Pay from Steaker Wallet

The cryptos will be charged directly from your Steaker Wallet once you confirm the amount. If you don’t have enough cryptos, the application will fail.

You will receive an email notification after the system completes the deduction, which also represents the completion of the whole process. Except for the time-limited plans, which will start according to the announcement time, other plans will start within 1 working day (weekends excluded). You can check the profit status at any time on the [Performance] page.