Steaker x GT Radar Portfolios Mainstream and Innovation to Augment Trading Success Rate

May 10, 2022

Have you ever attempted technical analyses but your investment performance is just not directly proportional to the time and effort you put in? Do you wish to minimize the risk of investment and maximize your ROI and efficiency? Then it’s high time that you operated with an ancillary crypto trader to assist you in trading more sensibly with effective strategies and comprehensive data.

As of today until 2022/05/15 23:59 (UTC +8), the very two adventurous portfolios—GT Radar Mainstream and GT Radar Innovation—will both be launched and available for subscription by virtue of Steaker’s first-ever strategic partnership with the smart crypto trader GT Radar to widen the scope of investment options for users.

GT Radar used to be an ancillary app for trading cryptos under Zombit, one of the top-notch blockchain and financial self-media. It has separated from the parent company and now developed into an overarching multi-strategy quantitative copy-trading platform, wherein traders with extensive trading experience and well-trained technicians from all tech giants.

By means of a multi-strategy automated copy-trading mechanism and the AI-based robotic system that operates on a 24/7 automated basis to monitor market trends, GT Radar aims at aiding users to earn incomes more efficiently. Furthermore, Wagyu VIPs will be entitled to a reduction in 10–30% of performance fees upon redemption of the two portfolios.

GT Radar Mainstream

  • Targets tracked: The top 3 cryptos as per market cap (the total market value of a crypto’s circulating supply)
  • Strategies applied: These three major cryptos are at different racetracks, and their correlation is lower than those on the same track. This portfolio incorporates strategies such as trends and dynamics tracking, patterns, and support & resistance levels. With the short-term strategy, the medium-term bands trading strategy, and the long-term trends tracking strategy as our methodology, this portfolio supports trading in both bull and bear markets to achieve the complementary effect and to ensure the success of hedging
  • Suitable for: Firm believers in mainstream cryptos & users who pursue steady asset growth

GT Radar Innovation

  • Targets tracked: The top 50 cryptos as per market cap; cryptos allocation/ratio to be adjusted dynamically
  • Strategies applied: The target cryptos and position ratio will be dynamically adjusted according to the trading volume, market cap, popularity, and other cryptos sharing similar concepts as a whole. This portfolio incorporates public-chain native tokens, platform tokens, mainstream tokens, and so forth, and the appropriate strategy types will be implemented depending on the cryptos allocated and the position ratio so as to maximize profits
  • Suitable for: Optimists who place confidence in a multi-chain ecosystem & users who are able to withstand market volatility

Portfolios Details

  • Subscription Period: 2022/05/10 16:00~2022/05/15 23:59 (UTC+8)
  • Subscription Qualification: None
  • Minimum Investment: 3,000 USDⓢ
  • Supported Currencies: USDT, USDC, BUSD, and DAI
  • Contract Period: 6 months
  • Start Time: 2022/05/16 15:00 (UTC+8)
  • Penalty Fee: None (Once the subscription is made successfully, no redemption is allowed before portfolio maturity.)
  • Maximum Loss: 25% of initial funds
  • Incentive Fee: 30% of interests
  • Management Fee: 1.5% of initial funds
  • Redemption Fee: 0.2 % of settlement amount


  • GT Radar Mainstream and Innovation are placed with a 25% stop-loss mechanism. As the trigger point is reached, we will immediately stop the portfolio and notify the investors. Steaker will deduct the necessary fees and return the settlement amount to your Steaker Wallet within 3~5 working days.
  • Both GT Radar Mainstream and Innovation are portfolios involving cooperation with a third-party commercial entity. Once the subscription is made successfully, no redemption is allowed before portfolio maturity.