Enjoy zero processing fee on every internal transfer using Steaker ID!

9月 1, 2021

To enhance a better user experience, from now on, Steaker will not charge any processing fees on all internal transfers. The move is part of our ongoing endeavor to help users allocate assets more efficiently and split bills conveniently with their friends.

How it works

The withdrawal process remains the same. All you have to do is enter the recipient’s wallet address or Steaker ID, and the system will automatically identify whether it is a Steaker user. If the information is correct, it will show the amount of the processing fee as zero.

How to set up your Steaker ID

Your referral code is also your Steaker ID! For those who haven’t set up a custom referral code before, please visit the [ Account ] page, and you will see a default one—it should be a combination of “stkr” and five digits. Feel free to customize, but it can only be generated once. So, you better consider carefully before confirming the change.

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