8% Limited Fixed-Rate Staging a Remarkable Comeback: The Steadier, The Better!

5月 17, 2022

For a limited period—one week only—Steaker is launching the 8% Limited Fixed-Rate portfolio, providing users with a shot in the arm and soothing away the frantic panic among crypto investors.

Last week has seen quite a volatile and fluctuating cryptocurrency market. With the rout continuing in the crypto market cap worldwide, the de-pegging of UST, selling in Bitcoin, a 15% slump in Ether, and extreme fluctuations of USDT prices, liquidations (where a trader has insufficient funds to fund a margin call or a call for extra collateral demanded by the exchange to keep the position funded) and stop-loss orders were taking place throughout the crypto turmoil.

Given these trying circumstances, it is advisable to adjust your position ratio and invest some of your assets in fixed-rate products and the like to maintain robust income growth.

Fixed-Rate portfolio has always been a sought-after option for Steaker’s users, serving as a solution for growing wealth steadily in such a bearish market.

To repay our loyal clients who have stuck with us through thick and thin, those who had signed up before 2022/05/16 23:59 (UTC+8) are qualified to subscribe to this 8% Limited Fixed-Rate, with its maximum fund capacity set being 4,000,000 USDⓢ as per the trading strategy. Come get this reassuring portfolio while supplies last! Subscription is available as of today until 2022/05/23 23:59 (UTC+8).

About Limited Fixed-Rate Portfolio

  • Subscription Period: 2022/05/17 16:00~2022/05/23 23:59 (UTC+8)
  • Subscription Qualification: Available only for users who signed up before 2022/05/16 23:59 (UTC+8)
  • Minimum Investment: 5,000 USDⓢ
  • Supported Currencies: USDT, USDC, BUSD, and DAI
  • Contract Period: 3months
  • Start Time: 2022/05/24 15:00 (UTC+8)
  • Total Subscription Cap: 4,000,000 USDⓢ
  • Penalty Fee: None (Once the subscription is made successfully, no redemption is allowed before portfolio maturity.)
  • Maximum Loss: None
  • Incentive Fee: None
  • Management Fee: None
  • Redemption Fee: None


This portfolio is set with a cap on the maximum amount invested—4,000,000 USDⓢ. To safeguard all investors’ rights, as long as the subscription goes through, no early redemptions are allowed. Please consider carefully before investing.