Steaker Monthly Report (2022/02/11–2022/03/10)

3月 11, 2022

Market Recap:

Since the global macro and geopolitical stage continues to create uncertainty in markets, crypto bulls have been absorbing persistent sell-side pressure over the past month. Notably, these crypto bulls are attempting to set a price floor and compete against the modest but endless supply. Over the past month, the BTC retested the $37,000 price floor six times, while the ETH retested the $2,500 price floor four times.

Last month, BTC prices traded between a monthly low of $34,322 and a new local high of $45,400, while ETH prices traded between a monthly low of $2,300 and a new local high of $2,914.

According to CoinGecko, the top 100 DeFi tokens’ market cap plunged from $118.4bn on February 10 to $117.3bn at the time of writing, down 0.93% MoM. The DeFi dominance in the crypto space currently sits at 6.2%, a net increase of 0.6 ppts from the previous month.

According to DeFi Llama, the total value locked (TVL) also declined from $211.54bn to the current level of $203.18bn, decreasing 3.95% MoM. Around 8.1mm ETH and 202.6k BTC are locked in DeFi respectively at the time of writing, citing data from DeFi Pulse.

Notably, contrary to lackluster movements in the DeFi market, we saw significant dumps in NFT and GameFi markets. Citing the data on CoinGecko, the NFT tokens and GameFi tokens market cap plunged by 27.01% MoM and 30.81% MoM to $32.01bn and $16.10bn, respectively.

Top 100 Coins Price Index:

Top 3 price gainers: ANC (+157.10%), WAVES (+128.27%), LUNA (+47.11%) Top 3 price losers: CVX (-42.76%), CRV (-40.20%), ONE (-38.59%) Benchmark: BTC (-6.32%)

DeFi Tokens Price Index:

Top 3 price gainers: KNC (+55.88%), KUNA (+47.11%), MIR (+44.64%)

Top 3 price losers: ANY (-55.25%), FTM (-43.28%), MBOX (-41.79%)

Benchmark: Top 100 DeFi Tokens’ Market Cap (-3.95%)

NFT Tokens Price Index:

Top 3 price gainers: DPS (+65.92%), DFA (+23.54%), NIF (+15.50%)

Top 3 price losers: EPIK (-66.97%), VR (-63.88%), ATLAS (-55.53%)

Benchmark: NFT Tokens’ Market Cap (-27.01%)

Metaverse/GameFi Tokens Price Index:

Top 3 price gainers: DPS (+65.92%), ADS (+27.89%), LFW (+5.24%)

Top 3 price losers: XDOGE (-74.22%), EPIK (-66.97%), FINA (-66.95%)

Benchmark: GameFi Tokens’ Market Cap (-30.81%)

Top Industry News

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  2. Anchor’s TVL surges to all time high of $11.7B after Luna Foundation refills reserves
  3. Terra’s LUNA passes ether to become second-largest staked asset
  4. A16Z invested in Lido, a liquid staking solution for Ethereum
  5. Evmos chain paused after going live with highly anticipated ‘RektDrop’
  6. Uniswap builds interface to swap altcoins into ETH donations for Ukraine
  7. Tencent files for patent related to virtual concerts in metaverse
  8. Another NFT marketplace, x2y2, begins vampire attack on OpenSea