KYC Policy Update: Please complete the new identification verification as soon as possible to access Steaker products and services

2月 22, 2022

As the new KYC policy goes into effect immediately, all users must verify their identities before 2022/03/31 at 12:00 (UTC+8). If users fail to complete verification within the deadline, they will be prohibited from accessing Steaker products and services, including wallet deposits/withdrawals/swap, portfolio subscription/redemption/renewal, and the “Refer Friends” function.

Steaker is committed to the highest standard of legal compliance. As a result, we expect to strengthen the security of fund sources and enhance user assets protections through this update.

The new KYC policy contains two sections:

  • Phone number: Select your country/region, then verify your number via SMS verification code.
  • Identity Information: Select your country and fill in your personal information. In this step, the system will ask for your selfie with an ID document in it. Therefore, please prepare your ID card/passport in advance. In addition, please ensure the details of photos are clearly visible and unedited.

If the users fail to complete the above verification within the deadline, yet they still have a balance in the wallet, or their portfolios are still running, the following procedure will be applied.

  • Wallet: The interests will still be paid out daily, but users will not be able to withdraw.
  • Portfolio: The portfolios will still run until the maturity date, but users will not be able to redeem and withdraw funds.

Super Saving portfolio is available to the users within two weeks of completing the new identification verification.

Steaker adjusted the subscription qualification for the Super Saving portfolio to cooperate with the new KYC policy. Therefore, the users must meet both conditions, including first purchase and complete verification within two weeks to subscribe to this portfolio and earn a 33% fixed income.