Your funds are SAFU! Steaker creates a secure asset fund for users in 360,000 USDC.

Jul 26, 2021

Your funds are SAFU! Steaker creates a secure asset fund for users with a 360,000 USDC initial amount

Security of the users’ assets has always been the top priority for Steaker. Earlier this year, we cooperated with our business partner CYBAVO, adopting their custody services to secure partial corporate crypto assets. Starting today, we create Steaker SAFU to strengthen asset protection and brand trust.

So, what is SAFU? It’s short for Secure Asset Fund for Users. To put it easier, it is an emergency insurance fund with an initial amount of 360,000 USDC. Moving forward, we will periodically allocate a specific ratio of fees received from each portfolio. SAFU is stored in CYBAVO VAULT, a cryptocurrency storage and wallet management system managed by a professional third party.

If an abnormality occurs to our investment targets, including but not limited to smart contract loopholes, cryptocurrency exchange shut down, blockchain-based attacks, resulting in the loss of user assets, the team will discuss whether to compensate with SAFU according to the current situation. However, the adventurous portfolios and those which the description of the portfolio indicates non-SAFU compensation scope, will not be compensated by SAFU.

SAFU Address: 0xF5102FBADF0b741838178cC441c11b4E2aDDD0A4

Besides searching the above address on Etherscan, you can toggle between the fiat and crypto amount of SAFU via DeBank or Zapper. All transactions of SAFU are public, traceable, and permanently stored on the blockchain, building trust through transparency.

All investments come with some degree of risk, especially in the fast-changing crypto market. However, we are confident and well prepared, from developing a high-standard intelligent risk monitoring system to setting multiple-level approval in the deposit and withdrawal process. Even when unpredictable accidents happen, Steaker SAFU will back you up.