Affiliate Program

Refer Friends and Earn Unlimited Bonus

Just fill in Referral Code one time, you get rewarded for a lifetime. The more portfolios your friends apply, the more referral bonus you will get.

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* The above data is the cumulative total Referral Bonus of the Referrer, which is updated statistically on the 10th of each month, starting from 2020.05.
How it works?
  • Sign up

    Sign up and get your unique Referral Code

  • Refer

    Share your Referral Code/Link with friends.

  • Deposit

    Friends completed the subscription or deposit.

  • Earn

    You earn bonus, and friends get rewards!

For example:

You’d refer a friend, who then subscribed to High Rate portfolio with 1 million USDⓢ, and deposits 1 million into Steaker Account.

At maturity of the portfolio, a specific amount of interest has been accumulated in Steaker Wallet. Provided the interests on both sides total 200,000 USDⓢ at the time of settlement in the following month, this amount will serve as the calculation basis for your Referral Bonus.

You’d earn 200,000 USDⓢ x 1% =2,000 USDⓢ


The subscription and deposit completed by the same friend henceforth shall be included in the cumulative sum of your bonus.

Besides referrer, referee will get rewards as well!

Terms of Steaker Affiliate Program
1.Determination of Referral Reward: Every newly-referred user (invitee) must enter the Referral Code that the referrer (inviter) provides when signing up a new account at Afterwards, 1% of the interest (unconditionally rounded up to six decimal places) generated on the invitee’s account which is based on USDⓢ and portfolios that (s)he subscribed to will be the Referral Reward. The settlement interval for portfolios with the ROI-based interest is calculated upon portfolio maturity. For other portfolios, the Referral Reward is compounded monthly. The reward will be automatically transferred to the referrer's Steaker account upon the settlement on the 10th of the following month, which is inapplicable to invitees redeeming the portfolio before it expires.
2.Determination of Invitee’s Reward: As the invitee’s subscription for the designated portfolios expires, invitees shall be rewarded with a 1% reduction in incentive fees for floating-rate portfolios such as Variable-Rate, High-Rate, Pure Quant, and so on; a 1% increase in interest for Fixed-Rate upon maturity. There will be no rewards for early redemption. The Reward Calculation Formulae are (1) the reduction in incentive fees = incentive fees x 1%; (2) The increase in interest = interest x 1%.
3.The invitees’ rewards (offers) cannot be applied together with other Steaker's offers.
4.In situations where invitees revoke their original decision to terminate the contract or make it void ab initio (invalid from the outset) before a portfolio matures, the Referral Reward will not be calculated on the portfolio being terminated this month.
5.If Steaker’s revenue exceeds or fails to hit the target of that month as expected, the Referral Reward will be adjusted as appropriate.
6.Our company has the right of final interpretation for the Steaker Affiliate Program, and reserves the right to modify, add, remove, or delete any content of the Steaker Affiliate Program. Calculation of the Referral Reward and whatnot shall be handled as per the revised version of the Terms.
7.The Referral Reward will be declared invalid if users (both referrers and invitees) are found to exhibit any atypical behaviors. (Qualifications of hackers or users deliberately attempting to sabotage the Terms will be invalidated, and Steaker reserves the right to take legal action.)
8.Users are strictly banned from buying, selling, or transferring the possession of their accounts. Such activities, if proven to be the case, will lead to the cancellation of bonuses and account freeze.