Affiliate Program

Refer Friends and Earn Unlimited Bonus

Just fill in Referral Code one time, you get rewarded for a lifetime. The more projects your friends apply, the more referral bonus you will get.

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* The above data is the cumulative total Referral Bonus of the Referrer, which is updated statistically on the 10th of each month, starting from 2020.05.
How it works?
  • Sign up

    Sign up and get your unique Referral Code

  • Refer

    Share your Referral Code/Link with friends.

  • Apply

    Friends signed up and completed a Steaker project application.

  • Earn

    You earn bonus, and friends get rewards!

For example:

You’d refer a friend, who then applied Variable-Rate project for 1 year in 100 million USDⓢ.

According to the project’s period,

you’d earn 2,500 USDⓢ in the 1st month (1 million USDⓢ x 0.25%),

in the next 11 months, you'd get 700 USDⓢ per month (1 million USDⓢ x 0.07%).

As the project expires, you’d totally get10,200 USDⓢ


If the same friend apply for more projects in the future, your referral bonus will stack and accumulate more.

Besides referrer, referee will get rewards as well!

Terms of Steaker Affiliate Program
1.Referral Bonus determination: The Referee must fill in the Referral Code (Referrer’s) when signing up a new account at Afterward, every new project application completed by the Referee will be included in the Referral Bonus calculation. Starting from the next month after the application completed, the bonuses will be calculated monthly until the project expires.
2.The Referral Bonus is calculated based on different projects (see the table below). After 30 days, the Referral Bonus will be settled on the 10th of the next month to the referrer. If the Referee terminates the contract before the expiration date, no bonus will be settled in the following months.
ProjectPeriodFirst Month
Referral Bonus
Referral Bonus
USDⓢ Variable-Rate3 years0.55%0.07%3%
1 year0.25%0.07%1.02%
6 months0.22%0.07%0.57%
3 months0.25%-0.25%
  1. a. Referral Bonus = Initial Funds by the Referee* monthly proportion (rounded down to the nearest whole number).
  2. b.The bonus is calculated in USDT.
  3. c.The Referrer must verify profile information and provide the bonus withdrawal address before applying for withdrawing the Referral Bonus. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USDT.
  4. d.The Referral Bonus will be transferred to the referrer’s withdrawal address within 5 business days (weekends excluded).
3.Referee’s Reward determination: The Referee can also get rewards by completing the actions above. The rewards are calculated (see the table below) until the project expiration date. The Referee can claim the rewards by project redemption as it expires*. There will be no rewards for early redemption.

*To apply the "USDⓢDemand Deposit" Project, the rewards can be claimed after 1 year deposit.

USDⓢ Variable-Rate3 years0.1 % (incentive fee rebates for expired project)
1 year0.1 % (incentive fee rebates for expired project)
6 months0.1 % (incentive fee rebates for expired project)
3 months0.1 % (incentive fee rebates for expired project)
4. The rewards received by the Referee cannot be combined with other Steaker's promotions.
5. In the event that the Referee terminates the contract before it expires, the Referral Bonus will not be calculated.
6. If the company's revenue exceeds or fails to meet current month expectations, the Referral Bonus will be adjusted as appropriate.
7. Steaker has the final interpretation right of Steaker Affiliate Program. It reserves the right to modify, increase, decrease, or delete Steaker Affiliate Program's content. Calculation and other such measures of the Referral Bonus shall be handled according to the revised version.
8. The above rules do not apply to MITH Staking Project and USDⓢ High Rate Project.
9. The Referral Bonus will be canceled if any atypical behaviors by the users, including the Referrer and the Referee. (If any user sabotages this activity by hacking or any other illegal behavior, he or she should be disqualified, and Steaker reserves the right to pursue the legal action.)
10. It is strictly forbidden for the user to buy, sell, or transfer accounts. Such activities, if proven, will lead to the cancellation of bonuses and account freeze.