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    Diverse and Accessible Market

    Utilizing decentralized transaction mechanism, Steaker eliminates the cost of trust and communication incurred in traditional finance institutes. Enjoy profit opportunities of global markets at the tip of your finger.

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    Hourly Compound Interest

    The compound interest acquired hourly will be automatically deposited into your Steaker Wallet, which provides you with a passive profit. Compound interest increases your interest daily.

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    Intelligent Strategic Algorithm

    Through our smart algorithm model and risk management calculation, Steaker can automatically generate the best investment configuration combination in pioneering portfolios within the sector.

How Does Steaker Work?

  • Step 1

    Depending on the program, Steaker will invest in various portfolios in the cryptocurrency sector.

  • Step 2

    High-rate portfolios offer better returns through investing in portfolios for fund hedging or professional trading.

  • Step 3

    Through risk management and algorithm adjustment by Steaker, the ratio and return of invested portfolios will be distributed to users instantaneously.


Digital asset security

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    Multi-signature cold wallet deposit

    To eliminate the possibility of hacker invasions, we utilize cold/warm/hot wallet and multi-signature systems to prevent private key from exposing online.

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    Transparentizing digital asset

    Blockchain technology is non-tamperable. Track and check the performance of your digital asset investments anytime through our system.

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    Ensured by professional technical teams

    Our team has more than 5 years of experience in blockchain sector. The security of digital assets multiplies exponentially through the construction of system security protection mechanisms.