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Steaker is the world's leading digital asset management platform. Aimed at the digital generations, Steaker is committed to developing numerous crypto trading strategies, providing diversified portfolio products to help users easily configure cryptocurrencies to generate passive income.

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The Most Professional and Trusted Crypto Financial Strategy Expert

To protect users' assets, Steaker strictly controls risks by adopting bank-level digital asset management solutions and a high-standard intelligent risk monitoring system. We only cooperate with audited projects and internationally renowned exchanges to provide users with a simple and secure crypto finance service.

In The Near Future, Cryptocurrency Will Become an Essential Financial Service.

Wilson Huang

Founder & CEO

Wilson Huang

Founder & CEO

  • Participated in the development of numerous internationally renowned crypto projects:
    • CREAM DAO Member & Advisor
    • MITH Vice President
    • Ethereum Layer 2 Plasma Developer
  • AppWorks #20 Accelerator member
  • Master’s degree in Networking and Multimedia, National Taiwan University; Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, National Taiwan University
  • Sep - Work begins
  • Oct - is officially launched
  • Mar - Steaker joins AppWorks #20, the largest startup accelerator in Southeast Asia
  • Jun - Steaker releases the Wagyu VIP program )
  • Oct - The AUM reaches the equivalent of 50M USD in crypto assets
  • Jan - The total average APY hits a new high, breaking through 36%
  • Feb - Introduces the institutional service Steaker Capital
  • Feb - Upgrades Steaker Account with New Features
  • Jun - Cooperates with CYBAVO for asset custody
  • Jul - Sets up Steaker SAFU - secure asset fund for user
  • Aug - Launches Steaker iOS App

Connect to the Future with Steaker.