s-textteaker is a leading digital asset management platform. We help growing investors’ assets in cryptocurrency by delivering integrated crypto finance strategies.


We built our strategies with DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols, stablecoin lending, quantitative trading, arbitrage, AI algorithms, and cryptocurrency derivatives.

Digital Asset -
A modern approach to profit for digital natives.

We aim to lead the young professional to seize opportunities in the crypto market easily.

Meet Our Founder -
Wilson Huang

Graduated from the Computer Science program at National Taiwan University, Wilson was a former engineer at Yahoo! Taiwan, participant of Ethereum Layer 2 Solution Plasma developer community and awardee of ETH Grant. Wilson acquired his first bitcoin in 2014 shortly after discovering the benefits of blockchain. However, he later has suffered from a no-quality lifestyle because of trading day and night. That was when he had an epiphany: "It should be a better way to keep the balance of my life and investment." In September 2019, Wilson founded Steaker by assembling an international team with top skilled engineers, experienced analysts, and other diverse talents. In 2020, AppWorks has recognized Steaker's potential based on our innovation, scalability, and the vision; we later joined AppWorks Accelerator #20 community. Among years of experience in crypto asset management and practice in blockchain industry, Wilson has become an influential opinion leader in the sector, according to Blocktemple. Moreover, he has a column on Business Next for sharing his insights and knowledge of blockchain.

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